Our DOOM II Levels

We have made over 50 DOOM, and DOOM2 levels do date. All the levels presented on this page are debugged from extensive net play. Five of our earlier levels, were released on the Book/CD ROM 'Tricks of the DOOM Programming Gurus' by SAMS Publishing. Those levels, the BCS series, are here too along with our most recent levels. They are grouped by category. The zip file contains both the WAD file and the text description of each level. 

Note: This web page has been up since the early days of DOOM II. Much of the writing is outdated and in the wrong tense. Figured it was easier to say this than change it all now. Have fun!

Death Match Only Levels

Saturday Night Series:

We have been getting together on Saturday nights with several of our friends one to two times a month to play various net games for at least a year now. We always play this series of levels in order from 1 to 8. The last file in the list '' contains all eight files so that you don't have to down load them one at a time. As a special note: these levels are for death match only! There are monsters in a few of the levels but they are only there to make things interesting. All skill levels 1-5 are the same. In addition the levels intentionally have no exits so you must use the -timer command when running the IPXSETUP program. A copy of the response file, snight.txt, that we use to play these levels is available for your reference and/or use. To use it just type IPXSETUP @snight.txt.

Text Description Zipped WAD file Screen shot from level.

General Levels (single, coop, and death match)

Expansive Level:

This is the highest quality WAD I have yet made. This level is also the largest I have yet made. It is visually complex and interesting to look at. I have attempted to provide a realistic, detailed and believable architectural theme. Overhangs, ledges, and tunnels are appropriately supported by wood beams through out the level. The level is not just big (445 K unzipped) but extremely expansive (thus the name) and fairly tough to play. The selection of monsters is significantly harder in muliplayer mode.

There are a few surprises (no stupid traps though) so save often. All of the secret is marked so you will know if you missed something. The level seems to take around 40 minutes to complete. Good luck and please let me know what you think.


Water Plant Series:

This is a series of three levels from 1 to 3 which are designed to represent a water treatment plant. A lake of blood red ooze travels into the plant and slowly is treated, it turns dark and green and finaly to pure fresh water. Great pains are taken to represent this plant in detail including a feature I have never seen in ANY wad file I have played at the date of this writing and believe me I have played many. When you are on level one you can see rooms that will be encountered on level 2, and when you get to these rooms on level 2 you can seeback to level one and so on. You also start the next level where you left off from the previous one. I took alot of care with this and the effect is unique.


Town Wad:

This level is meant to represent a small community. I spent quite a bit of time in the details of the buildings complete with wooden supports pictures on the wall fireplaces and swung open doors. The level is difficult but not impossible, and take care of that ammo you'll need it.


BCS Series:

Our initials make up the title for this series. We should have come up with more attractive names but oh well they were put on the above mentioned CD-ROM as is so we didn't see the point in renaming them now. They were all originally DOOM levels and represent some of our first levels that were worth playing.

Text Description Zipped WAD file Screen shot from level.

DOOM related links.

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Useful utilities.

This shareware IPX transfer utility is very helpful for moving files among machines. I have found it indispensable. Joshua Jackson deserves the measly $5.00 he is asking for. The zip file contains the executables and instructions. v2.10 (25K)

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