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OSP Tourney Q3A

A Quake3 Arena mod
Orange Smoothie Productions

*** This version of OSP supports Quake3 version 1.30
*** and higher only!
For a bit of background, OSP Tourney DM is designed to facilitate competitive, yet flexible, match play.  Thismod simply makes it easier and more convenient for players and admins alike to ehance the Quake3 experience.  There have absolutely been *NO* changes to the core gameplay or its dynamics -- its all default Quake3 in this regard.
The latest version of OSP (versions 0.99c and up) now have Challenge Pro Mode (http://www.challenge-world.com/promode/) capabilities built in!  CPM is a careful change to several fundamental aspects of Q3 that facilitate faster gameplay for both players and spectators alike.  Check it out!  Its loads of fun and adds a lot of spice to "vanilla" Quake3.  (For a complete list of changes, check out the CPM-changes.txt file found in the Docs/ directory).


Download version 1.03a of OSP Tourney for Q3A


Quick start:


Unzip the osp-quake3-.zip in the root Quake3/ directory, with folders enabled. You should have a newly created directory named "osp" with all of the files listed in enclosed the INSTALL.txt file.


To start up a DEDICATED OSP server, just type:


(Light servers)

quake3 +set dedicated 2 +set com_hunkmegs 16 +set fs_game osp +exec .cfg


(Heavy servers)

quake3 +set dedicated 2 +set com_hunkmegs 32 +set fs_game osp +exec .cfg


**IF UPGRADING FROM A PREVIOUS VERSION OF OSP: Delete ALL z-osp-cgameXXX.pk3 files in your server's osp/ directory. Dedicated servers should only have a single z-osp-cgameXXX.pk3 file in its osp/ directory to prevent unnecessary .pk3 downloads and confusion (especially on Linux/BSD-based servers).


**Make SURE to delete the included z-osp-cgameXXX.pk3 and z-osp-extraXXX.pk3 files, along with setting server_ospauth 0 and server_promode 0 if you DON'T want clients to have to use OSP's client-side modifications. However, if you do this, clients wont be able to respond with OSP's authentication and stuff like custom hud's, multi-view, etc. won't work. For best compatibility, leave the cgame and extras.pk3 files in the server's osp directory and leave server_ospauth set to 1 (along with sv_pure set to 1).





To start up a LISTEN OSP server (where a client and server run in the same machine), type:


quake3 +set fs_game osp +exec cfg-SinglePlayer/.cfg
Note:  I recommend that if you plan on running a listen server, that you copy the z-osp-gameXXX.pk3 pakfile from the osp/paks/ directory and place it in the main osp/ directory. Also, delete the osp/vm/ directory. This is to address the current limitation in quake3 in regards to mods and .qvm files. You may also need to set sv_pure 0 for the listen server, if you experience crashes on map reloads (i.e. at the end of warmup countdown).



**         LINUX/BSD admins: Replace "quake3" with "q3ded" in the above examples.

**         Make sure to add:

**                                     +set fs_basepath

**                                     that points to your root Quake3 directory to

**                                     properly enable server downloads. Also, add a

**                                     +set vm_game 2

**                                     to the command-line to ensure full compatibility.







There have been MANY features added to the default Quake3 game:

  • Enhanced match mode play, utilizing player "ready-up" to force synchronized matches (all modes of play).

  • Extra mode of play: "Clan Arena" that is similar in many respects to the popular RocketArena mod for Quake.

  • "Challenge Pro Mode" (CPM) play settings to allow for faster gameplay. This set of features is available under all game types.

  • Highly configurable client-side modification that allow for HUD manipulation, enhanced client authentication, auto-demo/screenshot recording, etc.

  • Multi-view spectating. OSP allows spectators to view multiple player screens AT THE SAME TIME! Sounds included =)

  • Additional spectator mode: The ViewCam. This mode allows for viewing the game in a more cinematic manner to get a better feel for the action.

  • Extensive in-game player and match statistics that are unique to each mode of play (FFA, 1v1, Team DM, CTF, and ClanArena).

  • Server-side definable "decals" that can be placed throughout the level, on a per-map basis. Up to 16 custom graphics and 32 total decals can be placed on every map.

  • Many enhancements from the excellent Q3Comp mod.

  • Optional "Coach" spectators that can talk with members on the team, issue commands on their behalf, and view all team members for a truly coach-style type of match play.

  • Flexible "filtering" mechanism to allow admins to deny player access based on name, IP address, or password. Also allows for player "reservations" (name/address/password) as well.

  • Highly advanced and configurable voting system.

  • Robust dynamic maplist generation system coupled with map rotation capabilities that takes into account player counts and allows for changing any server setting when the new map is loaded.

  • Player stats window for quick viewing of a player's performance.

  • "Config mode" voting, where players can vote in new server modes that are supported by their own server configs.

  • Remote admin capabilities with many commands available.

  • Team captain capabilities to manage a team and its players.

  • Color skin support for head, body and legs. All three can be different! 10 colors available for each section.

  • Ability for teams to "lock out" spectators to prevent giving away strategy and cheating posibilities with Internet voice communication mechanisms.

  • Ability to follow only the red or blue team.

  • Automatic server public variables that are updated based on gameplay. Current match information such as time remaining, team scores (if available), etc. can be seen in the server information box from utilities such as GameSpy when the server is "refreshed".

  • Highly flexible overtime mode capabilities.

  • Server "timeouts" for match play that allow for a pause in the action (called by either team captians or referees).

  • Highly configurable (optional) grappling hook available.

  • Complete item/powerup banning capabilies (map independent).

  • Item replacement capabilities (map independent).

  • Additional "skunk" mode setting for 1v1 matches. This setting allows for a decent remake of RocketArena 1v1 matchplay.

  • In-server fix for q3tourney3 for team-based games.

  • Customizable server-specific MOTD support displayed to clients.

  • Customizable server-specific graphics to display to clients.

  • Optional item dropping for TDM/CTF.

  • Optional Q2 armor system.

  • Client-configurable lightning gun setting to give a better "feel" of its use under laggy conditions.

  • Ability to give weapons/ammo to players upon each respawn.

  • Ability to specify starting weapon for a player.

  • Additional informative logging.

  • Many bug fixes to the default id game (including dropped sounds).

  • Many extra small tweaks too numerous to cover.





Additional information

1. Check the Docs/ directory for complete mod update information (osp-q3-History.txt) and all new server variables referenced and described in excruciating detail (osp-q3-Variables.txt). Available commands are found in osp-q3-Commands.txt.
2. Example server configurations have been provided to ease system administration in putting together the "correct" config. Simply take one of the included configs that more closely matches how you want your server to run, and modify it as needed.
3. For a list of all client commands, type:
  After connecting to an OSP server.
4. For a list of all referee (remote admin) commands, type:
  or               \r_help
  After obtaining referee status.
5. For a list of all "callvote" voting commands available, simply type:
                    \callvote ?
  By itself to get a listing of all currently available voting options.
6. Further, to find current server/vote settings, vote usage and command description, type:
                    \callvote <option> ?
  The server will describe the voting format for this , a description of what it controls, and its current setting (if applicable). For example (to see current the server's Quad Damage powerup setting), type:
                    \callvote quad ?
  Will give:
                    Usage: \callvote quad <0|1>
                    Enables/disables Quad Damage powerup availability
             Quad Damage is currently ENABLED
  Simple, eh? =)






Helpful Client Settings


 Although OSP Tourney DM/CA/CTF can be played as an entirely server-side mod, enabling the client (default) allows for a MUCH wider range of options (see osp-q3-ClientReadme.txt in the osp/docs directory). However, if running strictly as server-side only, there ARE several client settings that can help in enhancing gameplay from the player's perspective.


Clients can set:

        set cg_predictItems 0


To avoid some sometimes arbitrary item actions and pickup sounds that can occur during a match warmup period (especially in CTF).


Using the hook:


If the server has the hook enabled, set:

        bind key_name +button5


By pressing and holding key_name (e.g. mouse3), your hook will be launched and pull you when it lands on an object. To release the hook, just release key_name.


Item dropping:


If configured (or voted in), players can drop weapons/ammo in TDM or CTF games. The command to drop items is:


        \drop <item_name>


<item_name> can be any of the following:

  sg (Shotgun)
  gl (Grenade Launcher)
  rl (Rocket Launcher)
  lg (Lightning Gun)
  rg (Railgun)
  pg (Plasma Gun)
  bullets (qty: 50)
  shells (qty: 10)
  grenades (qty: 5)
  rockets (qty: 5)
  lightning (qty: 50)
  slugs (qty: 10)
  cells (qty: 50)


Players may optionally drop flags in CTF by the command:


        \drop flag






Connect/graphics problems:


Try setting com_hunkmegs to 56 or 64 in your q3config.cfg (look for its current setting already in the .cfg file), autoexec.cfg or what- ever client config you exec on client launch. You can even specify this on the command-line with: +set com_hunkmegs 56.


Using the ViewCam:


There are several ways to use the viewcam. To enable:

  • Type: \viewcam in the console

  • Join: \team vc

  • Cycle through to it when in spectator mode

This mode of operation will always locate the most action going on in the map. To manually move to different viewcam locations, type:



        **This option toggles either manual or automatic viewcam positioning.


You can optionally track a single player with this mode through:



To follow a SPECIFIC player, type:

        \vc_follow [PLAYER_ID|PLAYER_NAME]


        **Note you can just cycle through to a player using the jump/croutch keys as well.


The viewcam positions are defined by configuration files that are map-specific. If a map does not have a viewcam definition file, the viewcam will be disabled from use for the current map.


Creating new viewcam definition files is pretty easy and kinda fun =) All the documentation you will need (+ additional commands) is given in the included Docs/Viewcam-info.txt file.


If you make viewcam definition files that are not included with the OSP distribution, please send them to me and I will include them in the next release. Full credits will of course be given.






Other Junk


Big thanks go out to a|citizen and a|wiseguy (and the whole abuse clan for that matter) for helping me get everything "just right". Check em out at: http://www.teamabuse.com/


Huge thanks to Khaile, Hoony, and the entire CPM crew for providing the source and info to help integrate CPM functionality in OSP. Check out the official implementation of CPM (Challenge ProMode) at http://www.promode.org


Thanks to Shawn "Og" Hampton for cooking up a config editor for OSP-Q3. This thing rocks! Thanks bro!!!!!


All muh boys in glove (Rune, Og, Ares, jab, toku, Thorian, just to name a few) and the whole rail scene (LPB, VK-Phineas, fyc|ex-con, |cc|BloodLuster, |cc|Busta, etc.) for trying to get rail into a saner place.


Thanks to these viewcam arteests:

        avl^gouki - q3ctf3, q3ctf4, q3wctf1-3, japanctf

        jab - q3ctf1, q3ctf2

        Olzah - ztn3dm1

        Rune - q3tourney2

        SoloRail - q3dm1-4, q3dm8-12

        TrEEcH - q3dm13, q3dm17, q3jdm8a

        VK-Hunter - q3dm14-16,19 q3tourney1,3,5, overkill


Also gotta give high-fives to a lot of other people who helped push OSP in the right direction: Godsmurf, Talita, FiTH-arcane, TrEEcH, YeTi, fluffster, and Smegma (ewww). There are just too many! Sorry if I forgot anyone!


Thanks to ]R[Papa (of q3comp fame: http://www.reactivesoftware.com ) and Strider for the collaboration on the id event/sound problems.


"THANKS MANG!" goes to arQon of (soon to be released) CPMA fame. Thanks for all of the help on code snippets in the twilight years of the 0.99x series of OSP ;-)


More deep bows to Strider (Alan Kivlin) for the client 125Hz sampling patch and a couple of pointers on some of the multi-view spectating (like a cool CTF flag view that I haven't enabled yet).


Indebted to Jim Luther (QFH|Fiafiaga) and [AVL]Hifi in helping me track down all of OSP's problems with the beloved Macintosh. Those pesky Macs.... ;-)


And to tubesock/gouki.. guys, thanks a bunch for testing, debugging and nit-picking features to perfection. Very much appreciate all the help you both have provided.


Props to Heeler for some of the spif targa graphics help. Adobe rocks!


Much love to "alias" of team evolution (http://evolution.clanpages.com) for the spectator config to sort out some of the new features of the multi-view spectating option under OSP.


Thanks to the mapmakers of carnagearena1b and q3arenax. I am waiting to hear back from john at the domain carnagenet.com for official inclusion of the caranagearena map in the official 1.0 release. I dont know who made q3arenax, so if anyone can give me an email address, I will contact him/her directly.


Thanks for playing OSP,


Copyleft  1998-2007 Orange Smoothie Productions

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